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VdV cocktails

VdV cocktails
VdV Bubbly Sidecar

Discover the art of mixology with Veuve du Vernay Ice and its Bubbly Sidecar Cocktail recipe, imagined by Beautiful Booze. Easy and trendy, this drink will make your important moments sparkle. Vive la Vie!


Recipe for 150mL

▪ 1.5 ounces cognac
▪ ½ ounce triple sec
▪ ¾ ounce lemon juice
▪ 3 ounces VdV Ice


1. Combine all ingredients, except VdV, in a cocktail shaker with ice
2. Shake to chill and combine ingredients
3. Rim the glass with sugar
4. Double strain into a sparkling wine flute
5. Top with VdV Ice
6. Garnish & Enjoy!

This riff on the classic cocktail goes right back to its humble beginnings with cognac being used as the base. It’s a delicious cocktail to sip on with friends or family!

Focus on...

Veuve du Vernay Ice

Fun and refreshing with a touch of gold!
With its exquisite ensemble, VDV ICE invites you to celebrate—at a party, a special occasion, or a stylish cocktail dinner. It represents freshness, elegance, and fun! Decked in gold for a scintillating sparkle.

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