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Who is VdV

I am Veuve du Vernay, a collection of sparkling wines.

I am golden and light, illuminating all those who surround me. I am tradition and modernity. I bridge time and styles and defy conventions. For over a century, I have invented my own way of sparkling. I am elegance and movement. I am effervescence itself, bubbling with the sparkles of sharing, passion, and joie de vivre.

I have a name: Veuve du Vernay

I have a motto: Vive la vie!

Trade secret

Our cellar masters only have one ambition: to offer you excellence!

Our white grapes come from the most beautiful vineyards, and our base wines are carefully chosen and assembled.

We then incorporate a liqueur de tirage (made of sugar, yeast, and wine), triggering the second fermentation and foam creation.

Over several months, the wine improves, gradually developing its aromas and fine, light bubbles.

All along the way, our cellar masters do their best to ensure that our wines are of impeccable quality, guaranteeing refinement and a consistent flavor.

Our quality management and assurance policy have been internationally-certified to meet the most demanding criteria for procedures, techniques, and products.

Our primary mission...to satisfy you!

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